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JEHMLICH is the customized solutions specialist for industrial milling in the chemical, pharma, food, plastics and commodities industries. With our engineering and modern manufacturing we deliver customized, cGMP-compliant fine grinding plants, special industrial mills, pre-grinding plants, crushers and units for homogenizing and separating in compact and industrial scale. Since 1919, we are mastering complex customer projects globally.

We deliver

  • Mills in cGMP and industrial design,

  • Turnkey grinding plants for cGMP and industrial processes,

  • Single mills and breakers as components,

  • Fully customized solutions.

JEHMLICH machines and plants are, as required, ATEX compliant, are in accordance with FDA and EU food-grade manufacturing and cGMP regulations and comply with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG and current accident prevention provisions (UVV).

Our Services

Jehmlich business model

Our machines and systems are operated by our customers in industries like:

  • Food & Beverages

  • Ingredients & Spices

  • Pharma

  • Chemical

  • Plastics

  • Recycling

  • Building Materials

  • Commodities & Ores

  • Laboratory applications and scientific institutions

Our portfolio of fine milling plants, machines and crushers comprises:

We operate a modern engineering and manufacturing facility in Nossen. Our technical and manufacturing staff are all skilled and certified. We do constantly train and qualify our employees.

We develop and manufacture our machines and plants in coated or stainless steel, in standard, Hygienic Design and GMP layouts. We run or own material testing facility with multiple options for milling trials and result measurement and documentation. Our trial database has references for a large quantum of materials to the benefit of our customers when a specific solution is required.

For our customers we are also the preferred partner in services and supplies of engineered spare parts. In many cases our engineers on request are able to remotely log on to an installed plant for optimization of operating processes and efficient problem solving.

We are located near the highway A14 and A4. Dresden Airport can be reached in 40 minutes.

Company History Snapshot

  • 1919 - GEBR. JEHMLICH is founded by the brothers Max and Reinhard Jehmlich in Nossen/Saxony

  • 1922 - The manufacturing of the first REKORD milling machine is completed, the foundation of a legacy

  • 1922 - Production program: integrated plants for flour and animal feed, seeds cleaning installations, milling machines for the chemical industry

  • 1938 - Delivery of a large scale corn seed production plant to Montevideo/Uruguay

  • 1949 - First pneumatic conveyor in a milling plant

  • 1972 - JEHMLICH is nationalized and is supplying the whole Eastern hemisphere with milling machines (customer relationships live on)

  • 1993 - Re-privatization and restart as a system supplier in crushing and fine milling

  • 1995 - Development of REKORD mills according to GMP standards

  • 1998 - Erection of new assembly plant

  • 2000 - Separation of mild steel and stainless steel manufacturing and expanding production space

  • 2010 - A new building is erected for machine construction and administration staff

  • 2011 - A new building with 1,250 m² of floor space is erected for production

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