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Spare and Replacement Parts

Spare Parts for Size Reduction Maschines

JEHMLICH Original parts protect your plant and processes. When it comes to high rotation speed for impact grinding, defective or inapt purchase parts may quickly compromise sensible bearing and grinding tools, gear and housing. Secure your process quality with tested JEHMLICH original parts. Expect from us short delivery time and warranties for our original parts. Also for older equipment series we hold available most standard original parts.
In many cases, JEHMLICH wearout parts may be refurbished by us up to 3 times. This saves cash and preserves resources.


Ina Krüger
+49 35242 432-30

Initial and comprehensive trials at JEHMLICH Testing Facility

Client Counseling in Jehmlich Test Center

Your processing tasks in conveying, grinding, crushing, dosing and classification are our daily professional challenge. We evaluate all quality-critical processes. We analyze and optimize singular processing steps through trials in our Testing Facility.


Raphael Sperberg
+49 35242 432-58

Basic Engineering

CAD - Basic Engineering

For a targeted project entry, we offer Basic Engineering services for selecting and planning the best layout of your fine or coarse grinding installation. Our engineers build on their long standing project planning and execution experiences.


Dipl.-Ing. Roland Krüger
+49 35242 432-47

Remote Monitoring of your JEHMLICH plant

Key operating parameters of a JEHMLICH grinding plant can be extracted in-line, transmitted via data transfer and analyzed by our engineers. We are able to assist you and provide advice for ideally operating your grinding plant. Also, early warning functionalities can be implemented through remote monitoring. Contact us for all options.


Patrick Voigt
+49 35242 432-43

On-Site-Maintenance of your JEHMLICH plant

Jehmlich Service Car

Regular competent revision and maintenance of your grinding plant enhances the plant‘s life span, boosts your economics and preserves you from surprises as unexpected production downtime. Let us review your JEHMLICH plant in agreed regular intervals. Contact us for a proposal for a flexible maintenance agreement that has only benefits for you.


Martin Peukert
+49 35242 432-40

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