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The REKORD series of GMP- and industrial mills are the core element of our tailored grinding plants. The JEHMLICH modular system provides a full set of individual solutions for product charge, ATEX protection, dosing and weighing, pneumatic transport, filter systems, product discharge and sagging, conditioning/cryogenic milling, inerting, security systems as well as for audit-proof operating data logging.

We are building our turn-key grinding systems on order, backed up by milling performance trials. Our one-stop offering comprises the complete planning, engineering, manufacturing and installation of complex, standalone grinding systems or for integration into master controls on site. On order, we conduct the plant installation and commissioning as well as operator trainings globally, and warrant spare parts availability during the lifetime of the plant.

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Reference: Multi-Purpose Grinding Plant for Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our grinding plant was designed based on milling trials at Gebr. Jehmlich GmbH with a selected substance. After installation of the grinding plant we could increase the flow-rate of this substance compared to our existing milling plant, by achieving a continuous product quality and less maintenance efforts. Furthermore the Gebr. Jehmlich GmbH grinding plant comes along with higher rate of workers and material protections due to its closed construction. In the last years we could transfer the milling of a lot of products from our existing mills to the new grinding plant. This was mostly crowned with success like in the case of the initial substance.

(I. Bruch/ Production-Active Ingredients, Arevipharma GmbH, Germany)

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