Testing Facility

Performance requirements for powders and bulk solids are ever increasing. Demanding specifications in industrial micronizing are our mission. With targeted trials in our testing facility, we deliver the tailored solution for your individual product requirement.

Mobile Testing

With our mobile trial offerings, you may integrate the testing machine directly into your production process and run trials under real production conditions. A JEHMLICH technician will run safety and operating instructions with your operators. Please contact us for an individual trial offer for a minimum of 1 day to 2 weeks of testing.

Grinding Trials Industry Sectors in 2015

Milling Trials Branch Statistics in 2015

We have the following analysis and process equipment available:


  • Hammer Mill HM 341

  • Lump Breaker (spiked roller coarse and fine)

  • Anvill Roller Crusher

  • Fluted Disk Mill SM 900

Fine- and Micro-Milling

  • Universal Mill REKORD A

  • Universal Mill REKORD B

  • Universal Mill REKORD 224

  • Contra-Rotating Wide-Chamber Mill REKORD DWG


  • Jehmlich Pharma Filter 560 GMP

  • Jehmlich Zigzag-Classifier ZZS 300

  • Screening Machine Allgaier ATS 600

  • Screening Machine Vibrowest MR 36"


  • Screening Machine ILMLabor 200

  • Sympatec HELOS + RODOS

  • Moisture Analyser Mettler Toledo MJ33

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Raphael Sperberg
+49 35242 432-58


Safety Instructions

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