Lump Breaker - Roller Crusher

Key features

  • Roller profiles: S18 / S30/ S50, glazed, rippled

  • ATEX conformity

  • GMP conformity

  • CIP capability

  • Maximum capacity: approx. 30 t/h¹ in pneumatic line (2 bar)

  • Maximum feed lump size: 280 mm¹ (11")

  • Range of final grain size: 0.5 mm to 20 mm¹ (0.02" to 0.8")

  • Sieve-free functional principle

  • Low wear-out and maintenance

  • Variable roller speed, capacity and breaking slit

  • Material in contact with product: 1.4462 (AISI 318LN); 1.4404 (AISI 316L)

  • Ripping effect through adjustable roller speed differential

  • Roller extraction mechanism for revision and cleaning access

  • 10 bar pressure-shock resistant when operated in pneumatic line

  • Connectivity with flanges according DIN 24154 T2 NW 300 mm (12")

  • Optional layout for increased operating temperatures exceeding 80°C

Lumps and agglomerates may obstruct the continuous processing of bulk materials in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and are problematic also in many other fields of bulk handling. The JEHMLICH Lump Breaker 300 is designed to constantly deliver the desired product flow, to prevent process interruption and to provide homogenous product quality. The robust and compact system is suitable for processing explosive dust materials up to a maximum explosion pressure of 10 bar. Product temperatures may constantly exceed 80°C.

The JEHMLICH Lump Breaker crushes lumped and agglomerated materials with a medium degree of hardness and a maximum lump size of 280 mm. Its adjustable breaking slit and the option to mount breaking rolls with various spike geometries allow for targeted final product grain sizes. The smallest achievable grain size range is from 0.5 to 15 mm. The rolls are able to run both synchronized or in friction modus, i.e. with different speeds for a ripping effect. To prevent a build-up of input material at the spiked rolls, the Breaker comes along with built-in scraper blades and has an optional anti-blockage and reversing control.

Our Lump Breaker is built to meet challenging operating requirements through its robust, functional structure without limiting its high variability.

The JEHMLICH Lump Breaker is designed for continuous, heavy duty industrial operation. The spectrum of products to be processed with the lump breaker is broad. Deployment examples of the Lump Breaker are:

  • Stand-alone pre-crushing in continuous or batch mode

  • Process-integrated pre-crushing

  • Product quality assurance

  • Process safety assurance

The lump breaker is pressurized and suited for integration into a pneumatic product flow.

All JEHMLICH Lump Breakers are hygienically easy to clean (CIP). With the optional extracting device, the operator may pull out the roller unit completely from body for cleaning.

  • GMP lump breaker with extraction device
  • GMP lump breaker in cleaning mode
  • drum emptying with lump breaker
  • drum emptying with lump breaker

¹ These values depends on the kind of grinding stock and should provide a rough orientation. A specific dimensioning will be done in our testing facility in either case.

Option - Extraction Device

If your cleaning process in a GMP regulated production needs to be validated, or if you just want to save time of disassembling - the extraction device is a feature that increases efficiency and will save time & cost. Rollers can be extracted for cleaning or revision out of an installed JEHMLICH lump breaker.

Option - breaker NW 300 in robust industrial layout for product temperatures exceeding 80°C

The breaker NW 300 in industrial layout with cardan shafts provides thermic decoupling of the gear motors, robust shaft sealing with compression glands and allows for applications with product temperatures exceeding 80°C. Expect the breaker designed for direct integration in your plant concept, with or without a separate PLC control.

Lump Breaker in Robust Industrial Layout

Example: Bag Emptying Station With Z-Conveyor to the Lump Breaker

Packing units with lumpy content are emptied in the bag discharge station with a variable bar grate. The lumps are being transported by Z-conveyor to the lump breaker NW 300 inlet. After crushing, the now free-flowing product is discharged to the buffer bin, ready to be handed over to the next process step, i.e. to a mixer or extruder.

Example: Bag or BIG-BAG-Emptying

Lumps and agglomerates occur during storage of bulk solids in bags or big-bags. Lumps often complicate the discharging of these bags and the feeding of product into a process.

The Jehmlich Lump Breaker is designed for installation directly at the bag discharge and is crushing the disturbing lumps, thus homogenizing the product. Blockings in pneumatic conveying systems and downstream product jams are avoided.

The example shows a Lump Breaker in a JEHMLICH milling plant, where it is used for conditioning temporarily stored food phosphates. The de-lumped phosphates are pneumatically conveyed to the mill. The Lump Breaker has been installed between screw conveyor and rotary valve. The roller extraction device at the Lump Breaker reduces the cleaning time between product changes.

  • Input material: different food-grade phosphates

  • Capacity: up to 1 t/h

  • Grain size: 0.1 to 15 mm (0 to 0.6")

  • In-line between big-bag discharge and rotary valve

  • Bag Emptying with Screw Conveyor
  • Bag Emptying with Screw Conveyor and Lump Breaker
  • Lump Breaker in Bag Emptying System

Example: Whey Powder Silo Discharge

Silo storage is another source for lumps and agglomerates, with the consequence of material accumulations in downstream components such as screw conveyors and rotary valves.

With its DIN standard flanges, the JEHMLICH Lump Breaker is employed directly at the silo discharge, even before the discharge screw conveyor or rotary valve.

  • Input material: whey powder

  • Capacity: up to 3 t/h

  • Grain size: 0.1 to 15 mm (0 to 0.6")

  • Explosion protection: 10 bar pressure-shock resistant; installation in ATEX zone 22

  • In-line between silo discharge and rotary valve

  • Lump Breaker for Whey Powder
  • Lump Breaker for Whey Powder

Example: Canola Silo Truck Discharge & Conveying

During silo truck transport, lumps and scabs occur inside of the trucks, and pneumatic conveying after truck discharge becomes difficult given blockings and material jams. Complete truck discharge and pneumatic bulk transport is significantly delayed, if not blocked, yielding increased working costs and loss of efficiency.

In this case, the installation of a Jehmlich Lump Breaker directly in the pneumatic conveying system not only eliminated disturbances, but accelerated complete truck discharge by factor 8.

  • Input material: rape seed

  • Capacity: up to 18 t/h

  • Grain size: 0.1 to 15 mm (0 to 0.6")

  • Explosion protection: 10 bar pressure-shock resistant; installation in ATEX zone 22

  • Lump Breaker for Rape Seed
  • Lump Breaker for Rape Seed
  • Lump Breaker for Rape Seed

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