Rotary Valves in Hygienic Design

These hygienic design rotary valves are used as dosing or discharge equipment for free-flowing bulk solids. Their main field of application is the pharmaceutical and food industry. Depending on the task the rotary feeder will be equipped with different drive power and speed.

The construction consists of stainless steel 1.4404 with FDA-compliant sealings, a new developed shaft sealing with sealing gas and a GMP-compliant design with polished surfaces Ra ≤ 0,8 µm. The dismantling of the rotary valve is done by loosen of two clamp rings - for a quick and easy cleaning.

  • GMP conform

  • CIP capable

  • Material in contact with product: AISI 316 / 1.4404

  • FDA-compliant sealings

  • Geared motors for the required ATEX zone

  • Connection: flanges according DIN 32676

  • Wheels of Hygienic Design Rotary Valve
  • GMP Grinding Plant REKORD 224 for Pharmaceuticals
  • Hygienic Design Rotary Valve
  • Cyclone Filter

Design Size

WD 150

WD 180

WD 250

Geared Motor

0,25 kW

0,25 kW

0,37 kW

(100 % Filling Degree)

0,53 l/revolution
max. 1 m³/h

1,48 l/revolution
max. 2,5 m³/h

5,11 l/revolution
max. 7,8 m³/h


ca. 52 kg

ca. 64 kg

ca. 75 kg

Input/Output (DIN 32676)

Clamp DN 80 / DN 100

Clamp DN 100 / DN 125

Clamp DN 125 / DN 150

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