Screw Feeder in GMP and Industrial Design

The JEHMLICH Screw Feeders in three sizes are used for volumetric dosing of bulk solids in a broad range of material processing. The screw conveyors’ properties are laid-out to the specific material characteristics. The build-in agitator avoids reliably clumping and bridging above the screw conveyor.

A gravimetric dosing with load cells is available as an option.



SD 125-GMP

SD 160

Screw Diameter

63 mm

125 mm

160 mm

Intermediate Storage Volume

70-100 liter

350-500 liter

1300 liter


fine dosing of granules and bulk solids

fine dosing of granules and bulk solids

fine dosing and intermediate storage of granules and bulk solids;
sagging plants

Screw Conveyor Drive

1.1 kW

1.5 kW

3.0 kW

Agitator Drive

via screw conveyor drive /
separately 0.25 kW

0.55 kW

0.75 kW

(100 % Filling Degree)

max. 0.63 m³/h

max. 8.5 m³/h

max. 16.5 m³/h


approx. 100 kg

approx. 250 kg

approx. 950 kg

Discharge Diameter

DN 63

DN 125

DN 150

Screw Feeder SD 63 GMP

The Screw Feeder SD 63 is made from stainless steel AISI 316 with FDA-compliant seals. With its GMP design and polished surfaces it is used for applications in pharmaceutical and food industry.

The conveying screw and the agitator tool can be disassembled for quick cleaning by loosen a clamping ring.

  • For volumetric and gravimetric dosing

  • GMP conform

  • Material in contact with product: AISI 316 / 1.4404

  • FDA-compliant sealings

  • Geared motors for the required ATEX zone

Screw feeder with loading hopper
  • sectionview of screw feeder
  • Disassembling of screw feeder
  • Screw feeder on top of an impact mill

Screw Feeder SD 160 Industrial

The Screw Feeder SD 160 with its large buffer volume is optimized for usage as receiver tank or intermediate storage in bulk solids processing. With modular attachments the feeding of the screw feeder can be done from big bags, pneumatic conveying systems or on-site conveying units.

The dosing into the following process can be done either volumetric or gravimetric. With decoupling, e.g. rotary valve, the screw feeder can discharge into a pneumatic conveying system. An optional twin screw type is used in case of two separate discharge points.

Shaft sealing with packing glands secure a reliable operation while conveying abrasive materials.

  • For volumetric and gravimetric dosing

  • Material in contact with product: mild steel or stainless steel

  • Shaft sealings with packing glands

  • Level monitoring via switch or weighing system

  • Motion sensor for screw conveyor and agitator

  • Geared motors for the required ATEX zone

  • Optional: twin screw type for two separate discharges

sectionview of screw feeder
  • sectionview of screw feeder
  • sectionview of screw feeder with twin screw
  • Screw feeder for dosing granules into an impact mill
  • Screw feeder in compound feeds production
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