Cutting Mill

The robust JEHMLICH cutting mill type CM 342 is designed for grinding sheet, fibrous and bulk materials in a homogenous and defined way. The JEHMLICH cutting mill provides great variability for different product properties and cutting targets. Product feeding is possible as a heap or in string shape.

For result modification, the cutting gap is freely adjustable, the rotation speed can be set freely and a range of sieves and bar grates can be inserted comfortably and quickly via a side opening. The cutting tools are made of high resistance materials for minimized wear.

The cutting mill can be employed for batch and continuous production modes.

Technical Data

CM 342

Cutting gap

default 150 µm, variable


1800 RPM

Motor rating

up to 37 kW (50 PS)


100...5000 kg/h

Feeding width

340 mm (13")


approx. 470 kg
(1036 lb)

Material in contact with product

AISI 316L, knives hardened

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