Sharp, Reliable Separation with Air Classifier

Continuous classification process for Sea Buckthorn and a broad range of other materials

Sea buckthorn oil trades at EUR 50 per liter. Only pure core pressing yields the valuable oil, mostly consumed by the cosmetics industry.

JEHMLICH has developed a sharp, stable classification process for isolating sea buckthorn cores from pulp and spelt. Homogenizing of pomace is done by Lump Breaker NW300, separation is achieved by Air Classifier ZZS300. Throughput is 800 kg/hour of cores, then 100% separated from pulp and spelt, ready for producing oil. Lupine, hemp and many other natural materials are suitable for this separation process.

  • JEHMLICH Air Classifier ZZS 300

For more information please contact:

Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Jäckel
Tel.: +49 35242 432-53


Tel.: +49 35242 432-30


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