JEHMLICH Sugar Grinder in Operation at Russian Market Leader

Further Strengthening of our Quality Benchmark Position in the Russian Confectionery Market

In January, 2015, a high-performance JEHMLICH sugar grinder was taken into operation at market leader KDV Group by our technicians in the Russian Federation. For KDV Group, a key JEHMLICH customer in Russia and among the largest confectionery producers in the market with more than five processing factories, we have delivered an explosion protected REKORD BT-ex grinding plant for a new factory in Voronesh. The grinder’s core elements are a turbo mill and a bag discharge station for crystal sugar. A dosing sieve is blocking foreign particles and is dosing the sugar steadily into the grinder. Besides a 200 liters icing sugar stock, the grinder is equipped with an icing sugar outlet through a socket for bag filling.

JEHMLICH sugar grinders and integrated plants follow a modular setup and can be adapted to the given production infrastructure. Crystal sugar feeding and discharge is usually laid out individually. Explosion protection is realized by our pressure shock resistant layout and the plant setup according to ATEX-Zone 22.

  • Sugar Grinding Plant in Voronezh
  • Control Panel for Sugar Grinding Plant
  • Sugar Grinding Plant in Voronezh

KDV Group is running JEHMLICH grinding plants in its Tomsk, Kemerovo und Nizhny Tagil factories. Our plants feature a high operating reliability and performance combined with low maintenance needs. We are proud to be again KDV’s supplier of choice, a Company with distinctive quality standards.

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