Screening Machine for Soil Samples

Dry soil samples which have hardened and clumped because of transport and storage, are milled, loosened, evenly screened and separated from coarse impurities in one operation by the screening machine. The soil sample is poured through a hopper into the working cylinder and milled and screened by the impact roller which rotates slowly over the screen on the working shaft. The size of the working gap can be changed by raising or lowering the fork lever to adjust the quality of the soil sample (loamy or sandy).

The soil sample will be deagglomerated evenly but not pulverized. This is the optimal preparation of the soil sample for a analysis of nutrient or toxic elements.

Technical Data

  • Capacity: approx. 30 samples/h

  • Connected load: 1,8 kW; 1~ 230 V; 50 Hz

  • Dust extraction included

  • Screening Machine for Soil Samples
  • Screening Machine for Soil Samples
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