Compact Mill REKORD B-ex

The 10 bar pressure shock resistant, ATEX compliant compact sugar grinder REKORD B-Ex was especially developed for grinding potentially explosive products.

The REKORD B-ex is designed for batch and continuous operation. The grinding stock is collected before grinding in an integrated container. An internal screw conveyor is feeding the product to the grinding elements. The ground material is being discharged continuously or, alternatively, into a 100 liter container, connected by a clamp ring. Other alternative output systems, e.g. a bag connection, are available on request.

Technical Data

  • Explosion protection: installation in ATEX zone 22; pressure surge resistant 10 bar

  • 100 l (26 gal) product storage

  • Dimensions WxHxD: 910 x 1900 x 1075 mm (35" x 75" x 42")

  • Connected load: up to 15,5 kW; 3~ 400 V, 50 Hz

Example of Application



400 kg/h
(880 lbs/h)

220 kg/h
(485 lbs/h)

95 % < 75 µm (200 Mesh)
50 % < 25 µm (400 Mesh)

60 % < 250 µm (60 Mesh)

  • Compact Mill REKORD B-ex
  • Compact Mill REKORD B-ex
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