GMP-Grinding Plant REKORD 315 for Pharmaceuticals

This GMP Grinding Plant is designed for pulverizing of bigger batches up to 800 kg/h in a GMP-regulated production area. A bag emptying station with dust extraction is used for product feeding. The easy dismantable Rotary Valve WD is feeding the product to the pneumatic conveying system.

The ground stock discharge can be adjusted to the batch size.

  • Discharge into a Müller drum for crushing of smaller amounts, e.g. test grinding for new products.

  • Discharge into a blender for batch-wise production.

The auxiliary equipment is installed in a separate technical room outside the clean room. The conveying air of the pneumatic conveying system is separated with safety filters between clean room and technical room. The closed circulation system of the pneumatic conveying will be filled with nitrogen before grinding - to achieve a explosion-proof grinding. The integrated gas cooler is used for cooling and drying of the conveying air.

Technical Data

  • Input material: different pharmaceuticals

  • Capacity: up to 800 kg/h (1760 lbs/h)

  • Pin Mill REKORD 315

  • Final grain size adjustable via variable-speed

  • GMP-design

  • Pneumatic conveying as circulation system

  • Rotary Valve WD - easy dismantable

  • Nitrogen-inertisation with monitoring of residual oxygen content

  • Low consumption of nitrogen due to the closed circulation system

  • Cooling system for pneumatic conveying air

  • Conveying air filter in segmental construction for quickly cleaning

  • Touch panel for operation in national language

  • GMP Grinding Plant for Cell Cutures Media
  • GMP Mill REKORD 315
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