JEMLICH solutions on the 23rd Central German Miller’s Conference

The 23rd Meeting for Technology, Quality Assessment and Business of the Central German Miller Association took place from March 23 to 24, 2018 in Burgstädt / Saxony. JEHMLICH was able to give the attendees interesting insights into the range of services and the product portfolio of JEHMLICH by a lecture "Fine milling solutions - applications for the food industry".

The requirement to produce ever finer and also protein-enriched flours from a wide variety of press cakes goes hand in hand with the requirement of ensuring high process stability and process safety for the plant technology. Before plant design, the process stability is guaranteed by test trials with the original product in the JEHMLICH testing center. The process safety is ensured through various possibilities of ATEX-compliant, dust explosion proof plant designs.

The conference was a successful event to deepen the existing good contacts with end users of JEHMLICH fine grinding technology and to make new contacts.

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