Re-launch of JEHMLICH on-board Grinder for Fish Meal

Technical solution for offshore processing of fish remains and by-catch

JEHMLICH has a long history in manufacturing on-board equipment for fish meal processing. Between the early 1960s and 1983, we have equipped several hundred fishing vessels of Eastern European state-owned fleets with processing plants.

The now re-launched plant is consisting of a well-proven REKORD-D beater mill, warranting a throughput of more than 600 kg/hr of dry raw fish products, a cyclone separator, an exhauster/suction blower as well as an outlet air filter. All components are certified for on-ship operation (German Lloyd, Russ. Certification Body).

Input material is raw fish meal from a screw press with grain size of approx. 10mm and residual moisture of up to 10%. Product grain size is variable with a default grain size of 2-3 mm. The plant has a flexible layout and can be modified for higher throughput and different input/output grain sizes.

For more information please contact:

Dipl.-Ing. Roland Krüger
Chief Engineer
Tel.: +49 35242 432-47

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