JEHMLICH delivers another set of diesel-fueled REKORD 315 maize mills to rural Angola

Contribution to development and strengthening of the São Lucas region

JEHMLICH has been awarded a contract for delivery of eight small maize, manioc and coffee mills from OIKOS EINE WELT e.V., a long standing Berlin-based development NGO. OIKOS is taking care of development projects in rural Africa, with a focus on Angola.

The maize mills to be delivered by JEHMLICH are diesel-fueled and can be operated in areas with limited access to electricity, an important element when it comes to remote villages in the less developed part of a country. The REKORD 315 „Fortuna“ mills are very robust and suited for long daily operation in an agricultural environment. In the particular area, the mills are used for production of maize, manioc and coffee meal. In other areas, where applicable, also rice can be milled on these plants. The mills feature a heavy duty construction, an easy and efficient operation as well as low maintenance needs. The mill is producing in continuous mode by a manually controlled dosing device. The meal is produced and discharged for transport in a bag.

  • Villager at Corn Milling Machine
  • Corn Milling Machine in Operation
  • Woman Feeding Corn Into Mill
  • Villager Around Grinded Corn

Brief description of the wider OIKOS EINE WELT e.V. project

(taken from the original project sheet)

Top objective is the development of a sustainable agricultural structure and the sustainable use of the surrounding forest in São Lucas, Kwanza Sul Province and hence the fighting of poverty. Overall, the natural and economic living conditions of ca. 5.000 local peasants shall be improved.

The project aims at ensuring full year food supply for approx. 370 peasant families in the São Lucas Province. Further, exhaustive cultivation especially of the surrounding forest shall be halted and new tree plantations shall be generated. Approx. 2.500 women will be set free from manual corn milling on the unpaved ground by installing the motor-driven Fortuna village mills. For supplying sufficient meal to a village and surrounding rural communities and families, a motor mill with a capacity of 300 kg/h is required. Assembly is done by educated mechanics who also take care of instructing elected operators and maintenance staff.

JEHMLICH is proud to be supporting this project.

For further information please contact:

Martin Peukert
Tel.: +49 35242 432-40

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