Cryogenic Preparation of Polystyrene for Fine Grinding

Significantly improved milling KPI

Polystyrene pulverizing: 20% higher flow rate, very narrow particle size distribution and enhanced process stability through cryogenic embrittlement of the material.

For a German client, we have achieved significantly improved KPI on the JEHMLICH REKORD 224 pulverizer through cryogenic preparation of polystyrene. By controlled feeding of liquid nitrogen into the dosing unit, milling temperature was reduced by 50% at 200 meters/sec circumferential speed (17,450 RPM), yielding ideal polystyrene powder and an optimized overall milling result.

  • Impact Mill without cooling
  • Impact Mill with cooling by liquid nitrogen

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Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Jäckel
Tel.: +49 35242 432-53

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Tel.: +49 35242 432-30


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