Multi-Purpose Grinding Plant for Phosphate

This multi-purpose grinding plant is separated into two sections with two walkable platforms.

In the first section the product feeding and homogenization as well as the dosing into the pneumatic conveying system is done.

For the product feeding with BIG-BAGs (each 1500 kg/3300 lb) there are two separate feeding points with lifting device. The dosage of the downstream screw conveyor is adjustable from 400 to 1000 kg/h (880 to 2200 lb/h). It is possible to add a anti-caking agent by a separate auger filler if needed. The grinding stock is homogenized to a well conveyable grain size with a Lump Breaker afterwards. The Rotary Valve WD 250 is feeding the product into the closed grinding system.

In the second section a first classification of the input material is done with a screening machine, which comes with three single screen decks.

The impact mill REKORD C-2SSt with a variable-speed drive grinds the oversized materials. A pin-disk-rotor and stator is used as grinding element and a metal separator protects them from foreign material. With a integrated conveying air conditioning it is possible to use a reduced milling air depending on the product requirements.

After refeeding of the material to the screening machine for classification the end-product is collected in BIG-BAGs on a weighing system. For a narrowly defined grain size with a constant product quality the oversized material is re-feeded to the grinding system.

Technical Data

  • Input material: different sodium phosphates; sodium aluminium phosphate

  • Capacity: up to 1000 kg/h (2200 lb/h)

  • Final grain size: 99 % < 200 µm (70 Mesh)

  • Complete design in stainless steel

  • Material input by two BIG-BAG discharge systems

  • Crane for BIG-BAG transport

  • Feeding of input material by Jehmlich-Screw-Conveyor

  • Lump breaker with extraction device after BIG-BAG discharging

  • Jehmlich Rotary Vavle

  • Screening maschine for determination of the final grain size - 500, 200 or 150 µm (30, 70 or 100 Mesh)

  • Refeeding of coarse material to mill

  • Pin mill REKORD C-2SSt

  • Conveying air filter in segmental construction for quickly cleaning

  • Cooling system for pneumatic conveying air - to reduce the grinding temperature

  • Product discharge into two BIG-BAG filling stations with weighing system

  • Optional feeding of anti-caking agent for specific products

  • Operation by 19"-touchpanel

  • Process value archiving

  • Recipe management

  • Remote maintenance

  • Metal separator for mill protection and quality assurance

  • Pneumatic conveying as circulation system

  • Multi-Purpose Grinding Plant for Phosphate
  • Bag Filling of Multi-Purpose Grinding Plant for Phosphate
  • Bag Filling of Multi-Purpose Grinding Plant for Phosphate
  • Multi-Purpose Grinding Plant for Phosphate
  • Bag Emptying with Screw Conveyor
  • Bag Emptying with Screw Conveyor and Lump Breaker
  • Filter of Multi-Purpose Grinding Plant
  • Lump Breaker in Bag Emptying System
  • Impact Mill REKORD C in Stainless Steel
  • Metal Separator for Mill Protection
  • Cyclone Filter