Customized Fine Grinding Plants

Project Discussion at Jehmlich Engineering Department

We offer you project planning, design, manufacturing, and realization of complete and extensive crushing solutions (turnkey), including in-house switch cabinet construction, world-wide installation and commissioning.

Reference: Multi-Purpose Grinding Plant for Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our grinding plant was designed based on milling trials at Gebr. Jehmlich GmbH with a selected substance. After installation of the grinding plant we could increase the flow-rate of this substance compared to our existing milling plant, by achieving a continuous product quality and less maintenance efforts. Furthermore the Gebr. Jehmlich GmbH grinding plant comes along with higher rate of workers and material protections due to its closed construction. In the last years we could transfer the milling of a lot of products from our existing mills to the new grinding plant. This was mostly crowned with success like in the case of the initial substance.

(I. Bruch/ Production-Active Ingredients, Arevipharma GmbH, Germany)

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