GMP-Grinding Plant REKORD 224 for Pharmaceuticals

This universal GMP mill is designed for pulverizing of small to medium-sized batches in a GMP-regulated production area such as pharmaceutical industry. Three different feeding systems makes an easy adjustment for the size of the batches.

The feeding of the grinding stock can be done by:

  • manually into a hopper with a hand guard

  • by drum

  • via vacuum conveyor for discharging of drums or bags

The easy dismantlable Rotary Valve WD 150 is feeding the grinding stock to the pneumatic conveying system. The material is stored in the process filter into a M√úLLER drum after grinding.

The auxiliary equipment is installed in a separate technical room outside the clean room. The conveying air of the pneumatic conveying system is separated with safety filters between clean room and technical room. The closed circulation system of the pneumatic conveying will be filled with nitrogen before grinding - to achieve a explosion-proof grinding. The integrated gas cooler is used for cooling and drying of the conveying air.

Technical Data

  • Input material: different pharmaceuticals

  • Capacity: up to 150 kg/h (330 lbs/h)

  • Pin Mill REKORD 224

  • Final grain size adjustable via variable-speed drive and grinding elements

  • GMP-design

  • Pneumatic conveying as circulation system

  • Rotary Valve WD 150 - easy dismantable

  • Nitrogen-inertisation with monitoring of residual oxygen content

  • Low consumption of nitrogen due to the closed circulation system

  • Cooling system for pneumatic conveying air

  • Conveying air filter in segmental construction for quickly cleaning

  • Touch panel for operation in national language

Reference: Multi-Purpose Grinding Plant for Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Our grinding plant was designed based on milling trials at Gebr. Jehmlich GmbH with a selected substance. After installation of the grinding plant we could increase the flow-rate of this substance compared to our existing milling plant, by achieving a continuous product quality and less maintenance efforts. Furthermore the Gebr. Jehmlich GmbH grinding plant comes along with higher rate of workers and material protections due to its closed construction. In the last years we could transfer the milling of a lot of products from our existing mills to the new grinding plant. This was mostly crowned with success like in the case of the initial substance.

(I. Bruch/ Production-Active Ingredients, Arevipharma GmbH, Germany)

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Reference: Grinding Plant for Pharmaceuticals

We thank company Jemlich for the grinding plant supplied to us in 2013. Thanks to the technical consulting provided us by the engineers of Jemlich. Our personal finds it easy to operate and clean the equipment. The grinding plant fully meets our requirements in respect of grain size and homogeneity of the product. In conclusion, we would like to say that performance of the grinding plant satisfies us greatly.

(OOO Pharmtechnology, Minsk, Belarus)

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