Universal Grinding Plant REKORD B

This universal grinding and screening plant is specifically designed for grinding different materials in construction material industry. The impact crusher REKORD B can be equipped with 5 different grinding elements. The mill speed can be adjusted by a frequency inverter.

The process flow is flexible by using a screening machine:

  • Pass through grinding: Direct product discharge and bag filling after grinding.

  • Classification: Separation of the material in up to 6 different grain size fractions. These will be filled directly into bags.

  • Circuit grinding: The coarse grain size range is supplied to the mill after grinding again.

Technical Data

  • Input material: different building materials

  • Grinding elements: pin-disk rotor, beater-disk rotor, fluted disk rotor, turborotor, cross-beater rotor

  • Grinding elements detection for automatic speed limitation

  • Screening machine for grain size determination

  • Refeeding of the coarse grain size to the mill

  • Touch panel for controlling and monitoring with process data archiving for a following analysis

  • Universal Grinding Plant in Building Material Research
  • Bag Filling Station
  • Screening Machine
  • Universal Grinding Plant in Building Material Research
  • Feeding Station