Universal Mill REKORD A

The REKORD A is a Universal Mill for use in laboratories, in test centres or for the production of smaller batches of materials with a Mohs hardness up to 4.

The maximum infeed grain size is 12 mm (0.5").

The REKORD A functions as an impact crusher. Different milling elements are depending on the characteristics of the grinding material and the desired grain size. The speed and the size of the screen perforation also determine the quality of the end product.

The impact mill allows a specific volume of air through depending on the function. This milling air serves on the one hand to cool the grinding material and on the other hand to transport the grinding material into the separation and filter system where filter tubes are used to separate the fine material and dust.

A feed device doses the grinding material into the mill. Depending on the task, the grinding material is fed in:

  • manually

  • with screw conveyor

  • with rotary valve

  • with vibration chute

  • with bag emptying device and dosing screen

Technical Data

  • Capacity: max. 200 kg/h¹ (440 lbs/h)

  • Input material: max. 12 mm (0.5")

  • Connected load: max. 7,5 kW

  • Grinding elements: turborotor, pin-disk and beater-disk

  • Various screen inserts for the respective grinding elements

  • Magnet separator in product feeding

  • Two exchangeable containers with roll car, each 70 l (18.5 gal)

¹ The values of maximum capacity depends on the kind of grinding stock and should provide a rough orientation. A specific dimensioning will be done in our testing facility in either case.